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Settling Into Your Condo

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Moving into your new address doesn’t have to be complicated and stressful.

Changing addresses is a big adjustment for you and your family. The whole moving process takes a lot of careful planning, but planning ahead can make the whole process smoother for you. Once you’ve moved in, there are fun ways to turn your new place into a home.

Here are some tips on how to settle into your new condo quickly and seamlessly:

1. Update your address.

File the necessary change of address forms so you don’t miss important bills or mail. Also, don’t forget to transfer utilities at your new address, or choose new providers. Start with your electricity, phone, gas and water, then your Internet or cable TV providers.

2. Secure important documents.

With all the chaos involved during a move, it’s easy to misplace things. Prior to the big move, gather your real estate papers, receipts, and other important documents and keep them in a labelled envelope so they don’t get lost amidst all your boxes.

3. Check your locks.

Your unit is most likely equipped with locks already, but it still pays to check. Ask your administrator about installing additional locks if it makes you feel more comfortable.

4. Double-check general features.

Before moving in, do an inspection of the condo’s features. Are the light fixtures in working? Is there an electrical outlet without a cover? Take note of these items and check with the admin.

5. Decorate your home.

This is where you really start making your new place your very own home. For tips on how to get started on your decorating, click here. [link to: How to Decorate Efficiently]

6. Explore the neighborhood.

Even if you’re in a condo, you’re still part of a whole community. There are so many benefits in getting to know your neighbours. They can watch your place when you’re out, or help you out during an emergency. You can also ask them about important places, like the nearest hospitals, police station, stores, etc.